Have you ever thought to yourself, there's so much of your potential not being unlocked? That if you had someone to support, train and utilize your talents, your life and career would be in such a better place? Well look no further, First Financial puts the time and dedication into the people on our team. We know what it takes for them to be successful and invest every day in their futures. So why not find out what your most amazing future looks like with the right company behind you. Find what if feels like to have:

  • Unsurpassed training & support
  • Flexibility & Freedom
  • Management advancement opportunities
  • Ongoing residual payments
  • Custom developed proprietary software
  • Programs & services that knockout the competition

18 Years & Growing

First Financial Merchant Services has a trusted reputation for supporting businesses with seamless credit card processing. We're also known for providing powerful employee training with easy-to-use sales tools and an enthusiastic culture. Think of what you could accomplish with support like that! Learn more about the position and industry from FFUSA CEO and founder John Eliason.

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