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Think about where you want to invest your time. You have choices and life is short. Choose wisely, play to win and be sure to enjoy the journey.

When you make the team at FFUSA you enter a world that’s thriving and full of life! We’re a real living breathing success story unfolding with no thoughts of slowing down.

You don’t need to have been a champion to be on our team, you need to want to be one.

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The First Financial Story

Today we support thousands of business clients nationwide, win awards and give to over 600 non-profits though the Giveback program. Our marketing and sales channels are strong and life is good. But it wasn’t always like this… We started in 1995 with no money and no clients. “We had knowledge and we had drive,” says Founder and CEO John Eliason. “We loved the industry and simply felt strongly that we could do a better job (than the competition) for our merchant clients…and our sales team. Having been both a merchant and a salesman in this industry I knew that business owners want a relationship with a provider of excellent, dependable service at a fair price – not always just the cheapest. When they have questions, they want to deal with good smart people, who can communicate effectively and figure things out. The sales person wants pretty much the same – they want a product that they can depend on and a solid team at the corporate office to back them up – and of course they need to be able to make an excellent income in the process. We provide what both parties want, it’s our hallmark.”

Along the growth path everyone (FFUSA included) hits roadblocks and struggles, the FFUSA answer is to innovate: When you start from nothing, you need to sell strong. You need marketing that’s better than the competition and you need speedy methods to land business – today we teach these same methods to our sales team. When crisis hits, as it did when card theft first started to become an issue, and the big card brands mandated security measures and upgraded software on all terminals. The problem was that this new software was only on going to be available on the newest card swipe equipment – most merchants’ equipment would be outdated and unsecure almost overnight. This was a real issue for most all merchants in America, including our clients.  Rather than require our clients to get new equipment, we developed secure software for all our merchants’ terminals and provided to them for FREE. This software was pretty valuable and we had competitors wanting it – after we were done with it we sold it to them.

The CRM software just wouldn’t do what we wanted it to do and we weren’t going to let someone else’s software limitations hold us down, we created our own – It’s called CONNECT . You can find it at It’s more than just your run of the mill CRM, it’s method-based, meaning, we built it around what we found to be very successful marketing and sales methods. It’s the only CRM of its kind as far as we know and it works right out of the box – no need for tech support!

How do we do what we do?  Our Founder and CEO, John Eliason decided to write about it in his new book Rewire, How to grow business in a crazy world and have a great time doing it. The book caught the eye of one of America’s most inspiring CEO’s and #1 Best Selling author, Harvey Mackay, who said, “A minor course correction means the difference between surviving and thriving… John Eliason offers you that opportunity!” The University of Minnesota joined in and features John as a noteworthy local entrepreneur and alumni. The university points to John as an inspiring model for what is possible. You can find him back at the at the “U” from time to time speaking with students about finding their direction in life and/or business. Learn more HERE. For nearly two decades we’ve been asking the hard questions and pilot testing better ways that lead to success.

There’s plenty of room for those of us who give massive vale, understand our clients’ needs and use methods (often just a bit different than normal) that speed results. Imagine what you could achieve with the First Financial team… Contact us today!






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